Examination centre



From 2012, the Examination Centre for the railway specialists operates in the company. According to the authorisations (23-05-2012, No. V-287 and 24-03-2014, No. VS-362) issued by the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration the company performs four types of examinations for:
1. Persons wishing to obtain an engine driver’s license.
2. Persons directly responsible for the railway transport traffic:
2.1. persons directly supervising and (or) managing manoeuvres and (or) train traffic;
2.2. locomotive crew members, except those, who have an engine driver’s license.
3. Persons indirectly responsible for the railway transport traffic:
3.1. persons, responsible for implementation of railway traffic safety management systems of the railways companies (carriers) or railways infrastructure administration;
3.2. persons working in the safety zones of the railways infrastructure tracks or their equipment.
4. Persons responsible for loading and unloading of cargo in and out of the carriages (work supervisors).