The Work Done



Since 2008 the company together with its partners (research institutions, notified bodies of European Union countries) have carried out lifetime extension and conformity assessment for the majority of different types of specialised and passenger wagons:
  • conformity assessment for freight wagons
  • assessment of the conformity of tank wagons for dangerous goods with the regulations for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID) and Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail (SMGS) (under Directive 1999/36/EC)
  • safety audit of track recording wagon EM-140
  • determination and extension of the residual lifetime (resource) of passenger wagons
  • extension of the laboratory-based technical expertise and lifetime of the wagon
  • analysis and evaluation of risks of the track recording wagon EM-140
  • evaluation of the technical condition and extension of lifetime of diesel trains